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Posted on October 8, 2011 at 11:50 PM

       Well the trip was agonizing at times, but so worth it in the end.  Looking out at that Atlantic Ocean, it was hard to describe in words how good it felt, and how strange it was that we had actually made it.  There was no where else to go, we were as far east as you could travel (on a bike), and it was an odd, but satisfying feeling.  It felt a bit like the end of a long project that was difficult, but you sort of wished would go on because of how incredibly rewarding it was. 

       The last couple of days went well; we completed a century ride (100 miles) yesterday and took an easy 40 mile ride today to the sandy finish line.  It really is wonderful to reflect on all the warm times as well as the learning experiences along the way.  I know it will take a while to fully reflect on the accomplishment we just achieved, but looking back on it even now there are really very few negatives to the trip.  I mean I hate flat tires, Jon and Raph can attest to that, but gaining the patience to deal with them was important.  

    Other benefits of the trip seem to keep popping up in my head, and one is just how beautiful this country really is.  The trip reinforced my respect for the land and hope that it is not taken for granted.  The great mountains of Oregon and Colorado are incredible, and the three hours climbs to get to the top and look over the boundless forests are so worth the sweat it took to push oneself. Until you've seen the cornfields of Kansas, you can't say they are boring because if you catch them in the early mornings, just as the sun is rising and turns them to gold those fields are simply magnificent.  Then moving to the East, Kentucky and Virginia have some of the most gorgeous green rolling hills, and how could I forget those wonderfully steep Appalacian Mountains that were so rewarding to pedal up.  This trip has definitely taught me that this country is amazingly vast and beautiful. As Randal Wilson, a local fella from western Virginia, who claims to be a graduate of Vanderbilt said, "I see these people (Americans) taking these cruises to islands in the Carribean and the Mediterranean, but man, they have to look around and realize that they don't have to go anywhere to find some of the most beautiful places on Earth.  It's right her in America and most of us don't even take the time to check out all that she has to offer."  Now I'm really not sure if Randy went to Vandy, but he was certainly right about his comment and I stand behind him in saying that this is an incredible country full of scenery that would awe anyone.

     Thinking about Randy brings me to my next piece of reflection, the Americans we met all along the way.   Americans really are not as bad as the news makes us out to be, there is not one state that sticks out in my mind that didn't have its fair share of nice, good-hearted people.  Everyone was willing to help give directions, they always inquired about the trip, and some were even kind enough to take us in at the drop of a hat.  We saw the Americans that don't get much praise in the media and those are the good ones that aren't off causing crime.  These are great people that are just looking to help out their fellow person.  Doing a trip like this really really really (I can't emphaze enough) really reafirms your confidence in America and especially after living through the past few years and the present where I hear about America being on the decline as a super power.  You take a trip through the states and you will see we have more resources, more beauty, and more hard-working, good people than you thought possible.  The trip has helped me gain a much deeper sense of respect for America and makes me more proud than ever to call myself an American.  It truly has been great and I would encourage anyone thinking about doing this type a trip to try it.  It only takes 2-3 months and what an experience. 

    Anyway enough of my babbling reflections.  I would like to thank all of the people that followed me through my journey on this blog.  In addition as I always do I would like to thank all the people who opened doors for us at night and gave us places to sleep throughout our journey.  Finally, a special thanks to all of you who took the time to donate, any amount helps, so thanks again.  


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